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National Physical Therapy Exam Preparation

(PT & PTA)

Simplifying the National Physical Therapy Exam

At EdSyn our aim is to help identify and then formulate a systematic approach to tackling the NPTE. Being licensed DPTs ourselves we know how scary and overwhelming the test can be. It can be difficult to know what to study, how to study, what's important, and what's not. For these very reasons we have created an initial test that is designed to identify areas of strength and classify areas of needed growth. These include the core content areas, test taking proficiency, clinical reasoning, study techniques and even potential emotional barriers that could be hindering your ability to pass the NPTE.

Ongoing access to our tutoring staff
How is our tutoring unique from other programs?

We strive to not only prepare students for the NPTE but the clinical career beyond the exam. There are three major differences between our NPTE prep program and others:

  • First, we provide one-on-one tutoring while most programs are lecture or group based. Studying for the NPTE is a not a cookie cutter or one size fits all approach. EdSyn recognizes that students and future clinicians can be different. Therefore, the NPTE plan is unique to the individual. This plan is formulated following the initial session and continually evolves during subsequent sessions to match where the student is in their learning process. 

  • Second, with our tutors being practicing DPT's it allows presentation of real life patient scenarios to help bring the textbook to life. During the sessions, emphasis will be placed appropriately upon concepts that are commonly encountered in the clinic so as to promote clinical reasoning for the test and future career. 

  • Third, through individual coaching we teach students to self-assess and identify areas of weakness. This empowers the student to independently problem solve. This is an important trait to develop for the test and is immensely beneficial for clinical practice.

EdSyn strives to provide open lines of communication to offer meaningful support throughout the tutoring process. Once enrolled each student will be given direct contact information to the tutors and provided ongoing support until the time of the exam. Students are encouraged to ask questions throughout the entire preparation process. This includes asking questions and communicating with the tutors outside of the sessions in order to maximize the learning potential for each student. 

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