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"After not passing the NPTE twice, I had to do something different. Prior to participating in EdSyn I took online courses, multiple practice exams, and joined different study groups. None of these efforts bore much fruit. From my first session with Jonathan and Jordan, I immediately knew this time would be different. After evaluating my strengths and weaknesses, we established an efficient plan and study schedule that was conducive to my study habits. During the 10 weeks I spent with them, Jonathan and Jordan helped me understand the material in a clinical setting and taught me test-taking strategies that helped me retain information. The greatest benefit of studying with EdSyn was that they were able to assess individual students’ needs to pass the NPTE. Online courses are geared towards the general public. This entire process has been very emotional for me, but EdSyn restored the confidence I needed to take and pass the NPTE. After working with them, I scored 55 points higher than my second attempt. I highly recommend anyone who is struggling to join this program. Do not waste your time with online courses. EdSyn will provide you with the individualized care, attention and mentorship you need to pass the NPTE. Thank you, EdSyn!"

— Cooper from Orange California

“I was putting too much pressure on myself to pass the NPTE, and it reflected through the scores I was receiving from my practice tests. I wasn't passing them and felt extremely discouraged. EdSyn helped me not only with studying but with effective strategies on positive thinking and overcoming self-placed stress and pressure. This was exactly what I needed to overcome the negativity and doubt that was clouding my ability to pass. I want to give credit to EdSyn for helping me pass the NPTE on my first attempt!”

— Ashlie from Chattanooga Tennessee 

“In reflecting on my experience under the mentorship of EdSyn tutors I can confidently say that I feel far more prepared to be an effective therapist. As a soon to be therapist, I am consistently seeking ways to continue growing and improving in my craft. They have helped me to keep an organized mental approach with my clinical reasoning. This has, in turn, greatly increased my effectiveness as a future therapist for both evaluations and treatments. I can honestly say that I feel well prepared to enter the out patient orthopedic setting as a PT. Their teaching and mentoring has played a large role in bringing me to this point in my career. I thank them and would highly recommend their teaching approach to anyone who is striving to continue his/her growth at a clinician.”

— Lance from Loma Linda California

"EdSyn helped me out by building my self confidence in learning concepts. It definitely augmented what I have learned. The tutors explained concepts clearly that were difficult to understand. I would recommend this tutoring program if you are having a hard time understanding concepts or if you need a boost of self esteem." 

— Anthony from Oakland California 

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